"Vaughnette Bigford is the essence of excellence when she embraces a song. Images and
colors exude from her story telling and we are forever changed by the tones of truth
and love she shares. We, in the moment experience healing in our souls".
Armsted Christian - Voice Professor, Berklee College of Music. Grammy Nominated Singer, Songwriter and Producer

Picture of VaughnetteWith her unusual name, her signature look, and a voice like the rustle of a velvet skirt, Vaughnette Bigford is hard to forget. This Trini performer is on a mission to remind us that local music does not begin and end with calypso and soca. “I want to delve into the music of Trinidad and Tobago, and bring to life the kind of music people aren’t hearing now. I want to bring back music from people like Kalyan, Carol Addison and Mavis John. That’s our music, too!”

And the fans have been responding. Her full-length concerts, Shades of Vaughnette, have been held before appreciative crowds for the past four years, and her new CD, Born to Shine, is poised to skyrocket her among the stars. She has nothing but love for those who love her. “My fans are amazing; they like what I do, so they follow me all over the place. I’ve had such good responses from them!”

This dynamic and ambitious lady from La Brea is never content to bask in the glow of her successes; she constantly seeks to upgrade her skills and expand her repertoire, studying with some of the greatest mentors in pop and jazz. These days, Vaughnette is eagerly looking for opportunities to take her performances abroad, so she can share our music with the world.

Recognising her talent as a gift from God, she is determined to fulfil the destiny He has ordained for her, by constantly fine-tuning her craft, and embracing every opportunity to share that liquid, golden voice with others. Shine on, Vaughnette!